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First session

  • 1 h
  • 95 Canadian dollars
  • Nichi Healing

Service Description

1. Preparations: • Set up a relaxing space at home where you can feel at ease. Feel free to glam it up with incense, essential oil, crystal, etc. • If you share the space, please make sure that you will not be disturbed during your session • Wear comfy clothes 2. Treatment overview: • Method: video call or phone call. We are working with energy so there's no limitations. Rest assured that you will receive the healing you need just as effective as you are presented in the studio • We start the session with a discussion on the things you want to work with. Throughout the session, our call will still be connected • Once the treatment is done, we will discuss and give feedback 3. Expectations: • Please be on time for the appointment • Treatment may include the use of crystals, singing bowls, & healing frequencies • Usually my clients feel calm & peaceful. From a scientific point of view, in this relaxing state your brain tunes into lower frequencies such as theta waves, which promotes healing & repairing from the cell level. If you sleep, you sleep :) • Just like all things in life, consistency will deliver results. You don't take vitamin C once and think that you are vitC sufficient. You don't swim once and think that you are set for the tournament. Reiki is not an instant magic so depends on your expectations, desired results will show after a few treatments. What more important is you need to have a trust in yourself that you can be healthy and content. Open yourself up to the possibilities and you will explore your own potentials

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations can be done with a 24-hr notice. In the case of late cancellations or no-shows for an appointment, the credit is non transferable and non refundable.

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