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We all have the innate ability to heal ourselves.

The first step to connect (or reconnect) with this ability is allowing ourselves to have quality rests.


Energy healing sessions offer the environment for deep resting, which help releases blocked energies & strengthens the process of restoring & balancing of body & mind. The treatments are gentle, non-invasive, yet able to work with your systems from the deep, subtle levels. 

As your healing progresses, you can gain deeper clarity with your path on cultivating happiness, joy, & peace. Ultimately, this is your journey to reconnect with your true Self - the wisdom being that is of pure light, pure energy. 

Nichi Healing Reiki Sound healing Nanaimo Vancouver island zen garden
Nichi Healing Reiki Sound healing zen garden

In the modern daily life, we are often "on the go" & got carried away by the busy schedule.

Often, we don't make enough time to connect with ourselves, to listen to how we are feeling physically & mentally...

Until, it hurts somewhere... 

Without tending to our wellbeing, how further can we keep up with the buzzing life?

Are you ready to be more in tune with yourself, your energy & vibration?

Nichi Healing Reiki Sound healing Nanaimo Vancouver island Alex

Hi friends, my name is Alex.

I am on this path as a practitioner in Energy Healing & Mindfulness with a goal to build a community that value holistic wellbeing, spiritual journey, & fulfilling connection with life. 

I am also a Yoga teacher and a Buddhist practitioner. But these are all just labels. All these aside, I am just a student of life, & I am grateful to be able to walk with you on your healing journey.

As life gets busier, more & more people are searching for methods to ground, to grow, to have a healthy & happy body, mind, & soul.

Happy people can positively affect their surroundings without the need to do much, they just need to be. I always think that this is such a wonderful way to give back!

I am honoured to work with in this meaningful field, & it is so motivating to see my clients, family & friends vibing with their transformation.

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