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You are not lost

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Ready for your journey home? 

Your inner home is a place where you feel comfy, free, & safe. It is a place where you can take time to nourish healing & connection with yourself & with the world.

When you arrive home, you can cultivate an awareness of self - such as noticing any pains or discomfort, or embracing your spectrum of emotions. You also have the capacity to find ways to transform them. 

When you arrive home, you can gain clarity on your world views & your purposes in life.


Even though the world out there is the same, if the world within you is healthy & peaceful, you can live life with more depth, more harmony, more fulfillment. 

My purpose here? To walk you home, & to walk home with you.

This is not a one-way street where we are stuck with the roles as practitioner & client. Nichi Healing is a community where we learn together, take care of each other, & honor our Truth.

My Holistic healing approach is simplicity. No bells & whistles, no extravaganza props or attire, I offer you healing modalities that are natural, deep-rooted & properly passed down through generations of teachers. 

I choose to work with Reiki & Himalayan singing bowls because they are grounding, relaxing, yet so powerful for healing & attuning. 

Beyond body & mind wellbeing, my goal is to empower & support you in connecting with your innate potentials.


My journey to Energy Healing started from my personal experience since childhood. Growing up, I didn't have a colorful range of emotions & feelings. I thought it's quite convenient to have minimal emotional roller coaster. But then after 20 years plus of life, I vaguely realized that something was a bit off.. hmm.. like my memory was not good (I forgot a lot of events while my friends could remember them well), or like I felt quite disconnected with everything. I was pretty indifferent towards people and events in the surroundings. No bad day, no good day, everyday was an OK day.

I figured, maybe there exists a subconscious blockage of emotions somewhere in me. My theory was it's not that I had a goldfish memory, it's because I couldn't tie emotions to events so I couldn't remember them. I was curious to see how to cultivate deeper connections with myself & with others.

The mere acknowledgement of my state of being that day gradually opened up so many incredible opportunities to learn & grow. I took trainings in Yoga & Holistic healing, met new friends who are also walking this path, learned to notice the subtle

feelings & emotions, yada yada.

The best thing was when I understood what "healing" meant and how everyone could benefit from healing. 

To me, every type of healing is spiritual. "Spirituality" doesn't mean something far out, it simply means connecting with your spirit, being comfortable with your inner home within you, & seeing your potentials, your reason for being.

Ram Dass once said "who you are is so vast, who you think you are however, is limited". You just need to give yourself a push and step into this journey, the path will open up for you. And then, you transform..

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