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Healing Sessions

Sound Healing

The singing bowls that are born in the beautiful Himalayan regions carry a history that spans across thousands of years. Until the current days, they are still widely used in therapies and treatments, from the powerful & sacred work by shamans to the gentle treatments by healers. 

Made with the love & hard work of the artisans, these bowls offer us not just sound (frequencies) but also strong vibrations that heal our systems from the deep & subtle level. 

Before anything spiritual, this is purely physics. It is proven with Quantum physics that everything has vibrations and frequencies, even our thoughts and emotions. For us humans, our vibration is one of the key indicators of our health.

Himalayan singing bowls have the capacity to guide our body & mind into deep relaxation, soften the body tissues, improve Ki and blood circulation, rebalance our chakra system, and so much more. 

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靈氣 ['reː-ki] is a powerful energy healing art that supports our holistic wellness by awaking the natural healing properties that we all have from the beginning of time.

"Ki" is the life force resides in all things. It is recognized by many ancient cultures, and takes in names such as "qi", "prana", "mana".

At the subtle level, when this pure energy flows strongly & smoothly through us, it raises our vibrations to be higher & stronger. From a tangible point of view, this generally means a healthy body, positive thinking, and the ability to spread love & compassion to our surroundings. 

However, when there are Ki blockages, they can manifest as physical pains & diseases, stress, bad habits, disorders, or feeling disconnected. 

Reiki works with the Universal healing life force to release our energy blockages & restore our optimal health from a deep & subtle level. 

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