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Sound Healing

  • What are some common healing benefits of Reiki?
    1. Physical Healing: Reliefs pains & discomforts on the physical body Supports the healing process of chemo & surgeries Encourages the recovery from acute & chronic illnesses Strengthens immune system 2. Psychological & Emotional Healing Reliefs stress, insomnia, anxieties, panic attacks Works with depressions, addictions, eating disorders Reprograms bad habits & thought patterns, lack of confidence Encourages emotional balance & a calm-abiding mind Supports working through grief & loss 3. Spiritual Healing: Cleanses & balance chakras & energy channels Heals Karmic bonds/relationships & ingrains Strengthens our connection with Self Boosts intuition & clarity Awakens psychic gifts & potentials
  • What is Animal Reiki?
    This is dedicated to our beloved companions to support their healing process. Animals don't need to speak the human language to communicate with us. They can understand first and foremost through energy and vibrations, since they are very sensitive to these. As such, healing energy like Reiki is very therapeutic & calming for them. Here are some common treatments: Physical pains such as illnesses or recovery from surgery. Reiki can help ease their pain & boost their recovery process Stress, trauma, anxiety. Some animals are born with this, but personally I see this more often with rescued animals. Working with Reiki can gradually help calm them down & reinforce a sense of peace & safety Deepen the relationship between you & your animals Boost health & immune system for senior animals Things to note: Please prioritize working with your veterinarian as Reiki is the supporting therapy for your pets I work with animals with lots of respect. My method is not rigid and is catered to each animal because they are the ones deciding how they want to receive this treatment. Animals generally would not stay still for 1 hour like us. Sometimes they are ok with touching, sometimes they are not
  • What is the origin of Reiki? How it works?
    (This is Alex's brief and humble explanation gathered from seminars, books, and researches) The source & the meaning of Reiki presented in the original Japanese kanji writing: Founder of this treatment system: Usui Mikao (1865-1926). The gift of Reiki: In 1922, he climbed Mt. Kurama (Kyoto) and entered a long meditation retreat without eating. By this time, Usui sensei already had decades of spiritual studies and Esoteric Buddhist practices. With this retreat, he was determined to achieve Enlightment, or he would give up on life. During his 3rd week, he felt a sudden shock & passed out. However, when he regained consciousness, to his surprise he felt rejuvenated & well. Usui sensei recognized that he had attained Enlightenment (also confirmed by his Buddhist master) & that he was connected to a cosmic healing energy The development of this healing method: Usui sensei called this energy Reiki and opened a clinic to start giving treatments to people. After that, he was able to set up an Institute to teach and train students Reiki (靈氣): simple & straightforward, this can be briefly translated as "Universal/Divine Energy". Along the growth of Reiki treatment system, Usui sensei had students, & the students became teachers, then they teach more students. Just like that, in the present day there are many lineages of Reiki all over the world. There are some differences in writing as well, majority of Western lineages have Reiki as "霊気" or katakana "レイキ" I will take a shot at explaining the original writing: Each character 靈 and 氣 is formed by other characters/words, but it'd be lengthy and extended to discuss this, so i'll leave it to another time :) This is just to show that different ways of writing will present different meanings of "Reiki" Rei (靈): can mean soul, spirit, spiritual, sacred. This indicates that this energy is positive, sacred & originated from somewhere divine. Ki (氣): the energy flow (the wind) that carries life force (some other cultures refer to this as Qi, or Prana) TL;DR? Reiki is not invented by human but it's channeled/gifted. It's a divine Ki with pure healing properties and when it flows through someone/something, it cleanse their Ki blockages. The result is the receiver's Ki will be elevated, their vibrations raised, and these manifested positively to their holistic health and wellness.
  • Are there potential negative effects from Reiki?
    Absolutely NOT. Reiki practitioner channels the Universal healing energy that has much higher vibration, with lots of love & compassion. Depends on factors such as the ability of the practitioner, or the open-mindedness of the receiver/client, that treatment can either has positive healing effects or no effects at all.
  • How to choose among the many styles of Reiki?
    Just like one story can have many versions, or like there are many tasty options for pizza, Reiki has developed into many lineages as it grows. There are Crystal Reiki that incorporates crystals, Tibetan Reiki that works with mantra, Kundalini Reiki, Gold Reiki, so on and so on. In my opinion, the reason for the lineage developments depend on so many factors such as: The developer/practitioner's intentions in practice, their creativity & received guidance: they could think there's a more effective way to connect Reiki to the receiver that can optimize the healing process, or they could receive directions from a Spiritual guide to incorporate things into their methods, etc. The geographic location: for example, someone wants to learn Reiki in-person, then they will learn from a local qualified teacher, hence they will follow the teacher's lineage. Also, different geographic locations have different energy & this will also affect the practitioners' abilities differently. If you are puzzled in deciding which Reiki practitioner to work with, I strongly recommend you check their information thoroughly & respectfully: Why this is important: Healing work requires TRUST between the practitioner and the client. As a client, the things you want to heal can be delicate & sensitive. At the same time, you are working with your energy field & vibration. When there's trust, you can relax & open up better. This means a lot to your healing process. Ask yourself these questions: What is their vibe to you? Are they confident about their work? Do they show that they care & can listen to their clients? Read about their Reiki lineage: If the practitioner is confident about their work and knowledge, they should be confident to share about their lineage. The lineage MUST trace back to Usui Mikao sensei, without a doubt. If their practice isn't connected to Usui sensei then it is not Reiki. This background check is encouraged by many qualified teachers for transparency & confidence. All the differences aside, all Reiki lineages are respectful as they all serve the purpose of healing & giving.
  • Is Reiki safe if i'm pregnant?
    Absolutely. Babies love Reiki too :)
  • How old is a child to be OK for the treatment?
    Treatments on physical pains and issues can be done without age limit. However, for Psychological treatments, the child needs to be at least 12 years old (about when they reach puberty). This is my personal standard because younger children are still in the early stage of cognitive development and energy work might interfere with this process.



3 sessions......................$210

6 sessions......................$400

9 sessions......................$570



My practice with singing bowls follow the tradition of Nepalese sound healing master Santa Ratna Shakya, whose family for generations have been manufacturing high quality hand-beaten singing bowls. With the background as a metal craftman & sound healing master, he carries the techniques that have been passed down to him & at the same time, conducts research on the healing effects of frequencies & vibrations. As such, his family' singing bowls are the fruit of history, craftmanship, science, love & hardwork. 

Have you come across the experiments on water memory? Impacts & changes in energy would cause water molecules to move in certain ways. Water can form into beautiful snowflakes when we whisper nice words, or come out as distorted when it receives yellings or negative words.

Imagine, 70% percent of our body is water. The sound & frequencies from singing bowls aid the circulation of our water, blood, and energy systems. They can help relief tensions, soften our muscles & release stored/stuck emotions held in the body. 

The traditional Himalayan singing bowls that are specialized for healing are different from the bowls made for meditation, relaxation, or souvenirs. They are carefully procured & tested to ensure they offer gentle, beautiful sounds yet powerful, long-lasting vibrations. 

How does it feel in a sound healing session? You would feel like you are receiving a sound massage! 

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