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Letting ChatGPT write my first post..

I've been contemplating a Journal section for the website and already have came up with some topics. However, due to somebody's procrastination, this section has not seen the daylight.

Today, I woke up feeling surprisingly motivated to sit down and be serious with writing. In addition to this, a big thank to the modern world of capitalism as recently there's a cure for plagiarists & lazy content creators: the first of its kind, ChatGPT !

Disclaimer: ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that is very smart but it does have limitations and can give wrong answers here and there. It's for the sake of mankind after all, have you watched the movie Hers, The Matrix, or Ex Machina?

The start is already exciting:

After ChatGPT struck a few more jokes, I concluded that there aren't many good jokes on this topic out there. Let me be serious and professional with my questions from now on. Since our friend here mentioned "chi", or "qi", we'll make it our topic then.

I agree with you here, thou mighty chatbot.

Eastern cultures sees things from a holistic point of view. Eastern Medicine emphasizes the interconnection between the body and the mind - the physical and mental aspects that make us who we are.

Things we don't see doesn't mean they don't exist. For example, radio waves or UV light. For example, for ages we believe that electron is the smallest particle, until science discovered the quark. From the Eastern Medicine point of view our Qi system being as fundamental as our Blood circulatory system, even though blood is perceptible by the majority of us while qi has not.

In fact, a lot of cultures recognize the importance of qi and give it names such as prana, mana, or ki. The Vedas stated that our body has 72,000 energy channels (nadis) through which qi/prana flows through and nourish us. This seems way more extensive than our circulatory system init?

Let's head back to my mindful convo with ChatGPT:

Energy imbalance eventually will manifest to issues on the physical body, and vice versa. Here are a few examples:

  • When our body is in pain or is fighting an illness, we generally don't feel awesome about it, and our mood generally is not elevated or something. I mean, we can be at peace with our pains and discomforts, but usually through trainings or practices to transform our mindset.

  • When we are stressed or feel threatened, our nervous system turns on fight-or-flight mode: our body muscle tightens, blood rushes, pupils dilate, so on. --> Here's the long term effect: because the body recognizes that we are in survival mode, it turns off the "unnecessary" functions to surviving such as our immune system or our digestive system. As such, we might not eat well, we might get sick here and there, and our certain organs will not function as good as it should be.

At this point, there's this good question to ask:

Do you experience the above?

The convo so far with our friend here is awesome. ChatGPT replies so fast, just like how I've seen in Hers, which is nostalgically soothing and frightening at the same time.

Heyyy, there's a word I know! "Reiki"! Thanks friend I'm touched.

Feels like whatever I write next would be to promote my career, so I'll be subtle and ask you to kindly refer to my FAQs section for your Reiki-related questions.

Do notice the other points of this answer though. To be healthy, we can't depend on 1 hour of treatment of any kind and think that our problems would be gone soon. It is best to incorporate to your lifestyle a healthy diet, regular exercise, along with mindfulness practices. No doctors or therapists can help us if we don't help ourselves first.

When energy imbalance/blockages manifest into physical pains and discomforts, Complementary and alternative health remedies might not be as helpful and swift as going to a doctor for a check up. As such, please listen to your body and emotions regularly to know what you need that is best for you :)

Okay, we'll call it a day for this first post. If you have any questions, please comment below or message me.

(i just have to ask, just to be sure)

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1 Comment

Tina Phan
Tina Phan
Feb 24, 2023

First of all, I congratulate you on your first blog. Overcoming procrastination is super challenging!!! (speaking like an expert, hence you might have guessed how procrastinated I am =))

This post is very thoughtful & educational. By blending the sense of humour, I must admit that the information is entertaining to read. My first thought about ChatGPT after realising it was not another Google product, is surprising. I am overwhelmed by how the world is evolving with more creative innovation. I should try joking around with it =))

I recognise some of the qi imbalance symptoms listed in the blog, such as feeling stressed and fatigue, I always thought it might be because of the lack of sleep or the…

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