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Energy healing from a scientific viewpoint

Just because healing work isn’t quite tangible to grasp doesn’t mean it’s far out.

If what Holistic healing practitioners and Eastern medicine practitioners do can heal physical pains, illnesses, ulcers, tumours, as well as imbalances with emotional and mental health, I believe that the nature of these healing practices would in fact be quite down to earth.

Because of this, I do enjoy researching and in-depth reading to understand my work from multiple angles and theories, especially through the lens of science and the Eastern medicine system.

Modern scientific research in Western medicine practices and quantum physics recognize that everything is energy. For example, the air isn’t empty but is full of particles that aren’t visible to our eyes such as atoms, UV, radio waves, wifi, and much more. Every being (that includes us humans) is also made up of particles that constantly move and generate energy, which of course, generate electromagnetic fields. In health care, we utilize certain equipment that measure our brain waves and electromagnetic bio-field for health indications. It’s proven that positive thoughts, emotions and health are indicated by higher vibrations and frequencies compared to negative emotions and states of physical pains, diseases, illnesses.

(A 2002 research on effects of meditation on brain waves conducted by University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Essentially, the “new age” term RAISE YOUR VIBRATION means tuning our body, mind, and spirit to healthier states - positive attitudes, abundant mindset, good sleep, clarity, balanced physical health, you name it.

From the Eastern medicine point of view, our issues with physical as well as emotional-mental health such as stress, ADHD, PTSD, etc. are involved with blockages of energy (also referred as “Ki”, “Qi”, or “Prana”) somewhere in us. The subtle energy blockages and the manifested symptoms we experience are interconnected:

  • The symptoms can be caused by long-term energy blockages: such as bottled up emotions, thought patterns, past experiences/traumas, and karmic imprints. Examples of karmic imprints can be an unhealed wound that we experienced in a past life, and in this current lifetime our souls decide to bring it up for us to take care of and heal (I love this topic a lot, maybe we can have another journaling on this. If you are interested in related readings, you can check out books by Edgar Cayce, Dr. Brian Weiss, and the lovely Dolores Cannon)

  • The symptoms continue to create deeper and/or more energy blockages: imagine our vascular system, which is visible. If there are blockages/clots somewhere in these vessels, they can manifest as pains, strokes, heart attacks, etc. What do we normally do? We would find remedies to relieve these blockages and regain our health. Eastern medicine recognizes that there are 72,000 energy channels in our subtle body. Whew, that’s quite a number! So when there’s a blocked channel that stays long enough to manifest into a physical symptoms, the stagnant energy will continue to accumulate

In this day and age, common practices that work with our health from the subtle energy level include Acupuncture, Reflexology, Craniosacral therapy, Yoga, Reiki, Vibroacoustical therapy (incl. treatments with Himalayan singing bowls). The nature of these practices is to release energy blockages, improve the flow of energy channels, and tune our vibrations/frequencies/biofield to balance. The healing process is more subtle yet works with us from deeper levels (ie working with the root causes) compared to modern quick fixes such as pills, drugs, or surgeries.

I believe that energy healing practices aren't "new age", as the knowledge of energy/ki/qi/prana is, as we know, is old enough. We simply are reconnecting with what is fundamental - energy. Everything is energy 101.

The effects from energy healing are long term and if you are consistent with your journey, you allow your healing practices to become a part of your lifestyle.


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