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Cacao + Sound Circle

  • The Space, Old City Quarter

Service Description

To sign up for this event, please head to Let's come together in sacred circle to create connection and drop from our heads into our hearts through sharing Ceremonial Cacao, movement, and sound healing. This circle is open to everyone and offers a space to shift energy, invite clarity, renew your vitality, joy, and have some fun! The practice of consuming Cacao has been embraced by communities in South and Central America for thousands of years and was often used for conflict resolution. It is known as "Food of the Gods" for its many health benefits. Nowadays, Cacao Ceremonies allow us to invite the Spirit of Cacao into our hearts. This gentle medicine has the ability to support us in opening to our inner guidance system and a deeper understanding of our true Selves, connecting us with great spirit and the collective consciousness. To enhance the experience we'll be utilizing dance movement to express ourselves before grounding into a meditative space with the sound medicine of Himalayan singing bowls. These frequencies offer subtle vibrations that help melt our whole body, regulate blood and energy flow, and encourage healing and restoration from a cellular level. There will be a dedicated time for reflection to integrate and record any insights you may be gifted with. We will conclude our time together by sharing in sacred circle before closing our space with gratitude and love. Come with a curious and open mind, leave any expectations and allow yourself to flow in the present moment. We look forward to welcoming you!

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