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Sound Healing


  • 1 hr 30 min

    90 Canadian dollars
  • 1 hr

    80 Canadian dollars

multi-session packs

3 sessions......................$210

6 sessions......................$400

9 sessions......................$570


My practice with singing bowls follow the tradition of Nepalese sound healing master Santa Ratna Shakya, whose family for generations have been manufacturing high quality hand-beaten singing bowls. With the background as a metal craftman & sound healing master, he carries the techniques that have been passed down to him & at the same time, conducts research on the healing effects of frequencies & vibrations. As such, his family' singing bowls are the fruit of history, craftmanship, science, love & hardwork. 

Have you come across the experiments on water memory? Impacts & changes in energy would cause water molecules to move in certain ways. Water can form into beautiful snowflakes when we whisper nice words, or come out as distorted when it receives yellings or negative words.

Imagine, 70% percent of our body is water. The sound & frequencies from singing bowls aid the circulation of our water, blood, and energy systems. They can help relief tensions, soften our muscles & release stored/stuck emotions held in the body. 

The traditional Himalayan singing bowls that are specialized for healing are different from the bowls made for meditation, relaxation, or souvenirs. They are carefully procured & tested to ensure they offer gentle, beautiful sounds yet powerful, long-lasting vibrations. 

How does it feel in a sound healing session? You would feel like you are receiving a sound massage! 

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