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Traditionally, Reiki sessions are done in person.

This is perfect for folks who work with Reiki for the first time, as you can receive the full experience of the treatment & the space.


Long distance Reiki is for folks who have busy schedule, or just find it tough to hop on the ferry and head to Vancouver Islands.

We are working with energy, as such physical distance don't affect the healing benefits.


Our companions are very sensitive to energy & they can connect with Reiki easily. 

This treatment supports them through stress, anxiety, or recovery from illnesses or recovery.


  • 1 hr 30 min

    115 Canadian dollars
  • 1 hr

    100 Canadian dollars

multi-session packs

In-Person Reiki

3 sessions......................$270

6 sessions......................$500

9 sessions......................$720

Long Distance Reiki & Animal Reiki

3 sessions......................$210

6 sessions......................$400

9 sessions......................$570


I learn from 2 traditions of Reiki: Jikiden & Usui/Holy Fire® . Among the many students of Mikao Usui sensei (the founder of the Reiki healing system), Chujiro Hayashi sensei was the key student who made Reiki well-known in the present day. Two of his students, Chiyoko Yamaguchi sensei & Hawayo Takata sensei, were also the key figures in passing the torch and bringing Reiki to the world.

Here I'll take a shot at summarizing the traditions I follow:​​

  • Jikiden Reiki:

    • Developed by Chiyoko Yamaguchi sensei (Kyoto, Japan). Many of her family members learned & practiced Reiki since the time of Mikao Usui. However, eventually they practiced Reiki under the radar. Why? Because when Japan lost in World War II (1945), the country was subjected to a lot of restrictions, including medicine practices. Gradually, Reiki in Japan became pretty much radio silent while it was spreading far in the West

    • A number of Western Reiki practitioners attempted to track down a tradition in Japan that would be closer to the root of Reiki, but they couldn't for a while. Then in 1999, Yamaguchi sensei was discovered & when she decided to teach, she called her lineage "Jikiden Reiki". 

    • "Jikiden" means "directly passed down". She taught her students what she was taught by Hayashi sensei. This lineage is considered the closest to Usui sensei's original teaching

  • Usui/Holy Fire®: 

    • Developed by William Lee Rand (Hawaii, US), who does extensive research on the root of Reiki & learned from different lineages. This practice incorporates both Reiki and another healing energy called Holy Fire (read more here)

    • The Holy Fire energy connected with William and with his permission, this energy gave guidance on how to develop and incorporate it to Reiki trainings. In 2014, William introduced Holy Fire along with his Reiki trainings, & has been teaching since

    • This healing energy has been upgrading continually over the years (named as Holy Fire I, to II, to III, & most recent - World Peace Reiki). The healing abilities of this Reiki tradition become more powerful and transformative as the upgrades go 

Through my experience with both lineages, I find them distinctively unique. Jikiden Reiki is simple, straight up pure Reiki. The energy I felt is gentle & calming. With Holy Fire®, I felt that the energy is more lively & vibrant.

However, Reiki is Reiki. All the traditions of Reiki work around the foundation of this healing energy once gifted to Usui sensei. I follow my lineages but I respect all the other lineages. My teachers are amazing. They are powerful healers & they are dedicated to their teachings. They inspire me a lot & I feel so humbled whenever I talk with them. I can imagine all the devoted Reiki teachers out there doing the similar things, working toward the similar goals. 

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